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Empowering Communities

Towards a Sustainable Future

& revolutionizing the take-out industry without sacrificing the environment.

How can Impack help?

From unorganized, messy delivery services unable to handle large orders and the plastic waste generated polluting our environment, the takeout industry has many problems. This is how using Impack can help:


Restaurants and courriers cannot deal with large orders efficiently or quickly. By using Impack, whether you're a customer or partner, we'll make sure the whole experience is painless and efficient.

Plastic Waste

New Yorkers throw away almost a billion takeout containers every year! Imagine how many come from large gatherings and parties! Our containers are reusable and large enough for bulk orders!


Forget catering, clunky bulk orders from Uber or Seamless, or sweat and tears shed making things from scratch! With Impack, get large orders right from restaurants you love, without the hassle!