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How long does it take to become a restaurant partner?

Becoming a restuarant partner is quick and easy. We only need to discuss bulk menu and pricing, and incorporate it into our site.

How does pricing work?

Currently, partnering with Impack is completely free. We have not started charging partners for orders.

Who handles each delivery?

We have not yet opened Impack to third-party courriers as of yet. All deliveries will be handled by our coure members/founders.

What is the delivery radius?

When we discuss menu options and pricing, we can decide on a comfortable delivery radius. We are currently limiting our inital launch to Manhattan.

What kinds of tools do restaurant partners receive?

Eventually, we would like to showcase each individual restauarant and owner on our blog and social media. We will also like to supply a media team to handle merchandise photography, etc.


What's the catch for customers?

There is none! As an Impack customer, enjoy discounted meal options through bulk ordering!

How do I place an order

Head to our order page to browse restauarnts and complete your order! As we progress as a start-up, the ordering system will become more robust and easy to use.

I have a question, can I contact you?

Of course! You can reach us at Hello@impackdelivery.com