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Impack founders Alejandro Quintero, Janette Wu, Rauful Hossain

Impack founders Alejandro Quintero, Janette Wu, Rauful Hossain

Dear friends,

Our journey, as with others, began with a few realizations. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that home is where the food is. As second-generation immigrants, our parents and caregivers often have difficulty expressing words of love and affirmation; instead, they demonstrate love through action - cooking. The ever-comforting home-cooked meals, convenient American takeout food, and the melting pot that is NYC combined giving us Impack's beginnings.

That led us to our next realization.

Part of the core values instilled in us by our immigrant parents is the "survival mentality." Essentially, put your nose to the grindstone, work harder than everyone, and you and your family will survive. As second-generation immigrants, we enjoy more privileges than our parents; however, we can use those ideals we learned for other causes. It's time to use that "survival mentality" to ensure the survival of our home, Planet Earth.

Enter Impack: A Bridge to Home

Impack is a bridge that connects partner restaurants with customers who want to make a difference. We deliver convenient, bulk-sized meals through a sustainable closed-loop system. Just as food is the doorway for us to travel and experience other cultures, we believe that a closed-loop delivery system is a gateway to a more eco-conscious future.

We started Impack to bring people together in a post-pandemic world. To rekindle the dwindling interpersonal relations that we, as humans, seek. As we grow our roots and find footing, we hope that you can join us in the movement to revolutionize the takeout industry and move towards a more sustainable future.

Our mission is simple: To bring people together and empower them to move towards a more sustainable future.

— Alejandro, Janette, and Rauful